Our History

The Red Rock Inn began its life as a church, built in the 1950s according to local historians.

A closeup of the lovely rock facing the Red Rock Inn

A closeup of the lovely rock facing the Red Rock Inn

Legend has the rock on the building coming from southwest Oklahoma, or maybe Bartlesville, or places unknown.

The building sat empty for a time after the congregation vacated the building, and was then purchased by an entrepreneur who began the renovation with plans for his home. The Red Rock Inn crew then purchased the unfinished property, and the renovation continued. After four months of hard work and lots of patience, the Inn was finished.

The original stained glass windows were left intact, adding to the charm of the old structure. Some of the original furnishings from the church were purchased from the previous owner and incorporated into the décor. It is truly a unique blend of antique, vintage, and modern décor.

Many years in planning, and a few months of work realized our dream – The Red Rock Inn.